140 Secrets to Parenting a Gifted Child

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I asked "If You Were Asked to Give Advice to a Parent of a Gifted Child, what advice would you give?" to #Parents of #Gifted and #2E Kids on Social Media...and here is what they had to say..

Top 5 Areas of Advice

By Parents of Gifted and 2E Kids to Parents of Gifted and 2E Kids

1. "Your child is a person first. Your child is more than just a label. You got this."

"Let your child be themselves." "Try not to compare your child to other children." "Don’t expect to typically parent you're not so typical child." "Provide your child with a lot of love and empathy...." "Be flexible don’t expect things to go to any plan at all. and never forget that your child is still a child, with a child’s feelings." "Remember they are a child. Due to the advanced intellect, it can be hard to remember this simple fact."

2. "Be ready to really listen to your child and to adjust your approach every year to find what works at that moment to keep them healthy, happy, and engaged."

"Be calm, listen, and try to be patient." "Listen to them and be patient and kind." "Listen and be present." "Listen to your child." "Watch and listen." "LISTEN to their wants and fears."

"Learn to listen, really listen to your child. They often know what they need to do to learn."

3. "Have patience, give love."

"Patience, breath, read up on traits that suit your child." "Patience and relax. No situation is perfect, do the best you can." "Deep breaths. Practice patience." "Patience for yourself and them. Giftedness is not elitism- it's an active, sensitive, differently wired mind and often heart."

4. "Take care of yourself, most importantly."

"Defend their right to be imperfect, to the child, to others and to yourself." Schedule time for yourself!" "Aside from accepting the quirks and the fact that you will likely parent very differently from the mainstream, find time for self-care! It can be tiring and you need to take care of yourself too!" "Hang in there, let him/her feel your love. You are not perfect, forgive yourself, enjoy your precious one." "Hang on tight! It's a hell of a ride!!!"

5. "Research research research. They are all different and being able to understand and advocate for their little complex self's is the best you can do."

"Research schools and educational structures available." "If you have a test or diagnosis that doesn't seem to match what you see or explain everything your child is dealing with, then keep digging, researching, finding the right specialist/ diagnosis/ help until you are satisfied…" "Check your sources carefully, trust research." "Research, research, research and trust your gut."

I absolutely loved this question and love the answers. As a mom of a gifted and 2E kid, and after working with parents of gifted kids for these last 8 years, I probably have said or heard everyone of these 142 responses. 6 pages of sage and sometimes funny advice. Made me laugh out loud and cry at other times.

Much Love,


Catherine Gruener, M.A. M.A., Therapist and Parent Educator for Parents of Gifted Kids at Encouragement Parenting, a Division of Gruener consulting ©all rights reserved Gruener Consulting LLC 2020

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