©Family Success Formula

What’s one skill that you would like your child to be able to do when they leave your house….as they go off to college or the next stage of their young adult life?

What's the number one problem you are struggling with as a parent (today, not yesterday, and not what you think might happen tomorrow)?

What would you say if I told you that there was a formula, a 30 minute a week formula that you could do with your family where you were able to teach these skills:

}Listening skills

}Problem solving and brainstorming skills

}Mutual respect

}Concern for others


}Social interest

}Mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn

And where you were able to:

}Avoid Power Struggles

}Avoid Micromanaging

}Invites Listening

}Respectful share responsibility

}Create a family tradition

}Feel good about relationship with your children through modeling

You might say what my clients have said, or do what even my family did when we first started to use the ©Family Success Formula. You might roll your eyes. You might say, no way. You might tell me that you already tried one of the 4 steps in the formula. You might say....we already do family meetings and may even look at the picture above and say, I know how to do that.

And if you are getting all of the results above doing what you are doing. Awesome.

But if you are not, then you might need some pro-tips.

And I understand. After teaching hundreds of parents over the last 12 years, I get where you might be coming from. The concepts above seem super simple and straight forward.

Like the quote "if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough," often attributed to Albert Einstein.

But simple concepts are often very complex. And after 30 years in the mental health field I know that simple is never that simple.

With all of the parenting tools and tips out there, success comes down to using the right tool, at the right time, in the right order. And, I personally want tools that are efficient. Having tested out these tools with families since 2009, I have finally tweaked the formula and figured out not only the 4 steps, but the tools to use in the 4 steps, the order to use the tools in the 4 steps, and am teaching my parents how to use them, in a power house 1 time-a-week formula.

During the pandemic I have discharged 4 families in December and 2 in January. Unheard of! Incredible! What was the magic? I taught every one of those families the ©Family Success Formula and each and every one of those families followed the formula. Heck, one of my adult clients told me yesterday that they used the ©Family Success Formula with their adult extended family. "I can't believe it...it works....we use the formula every time we have a family meeting."

I just finished a deep dive into the 4 steps of the ©Family Success Formula and even then, I added on a 4 week bonus challenge because I KNOW that looks are deceiving. I know that each of those 4 steps has tips and tricks which is why I offer why pro-tips and trainings.

And I did a really poor job of letting everyone know that I am offering this.

So, If you have any interest in my secrets, you want to act fast. I just gave the live training yesterday and am offering a super first timers access to the replay.

CLICK HERE if you want the Family Success Formula Training (Must Act Fast as the Flagship price is ONLY AVAILABLE until Friday)

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