Modern Rules for Parenting a Gifted Child Part 2

Parenting Tips to Use at School

In years past, caring for a gifted child usually meant measuring them based on one IQ test and assigning them to a specific study program. Today, there’s greater understanding that each child’s potential grows over time based on their experiences and activities, and flexibility allows parents and schools to adapt to their individual needs.

Try these tips that have helped other families with similar situations.

Parenting Tips to Use at School

1. Talk with teachers. Meet with your child’s teachers as soon as possible so you can share your insights and pool your observations. Coordinating your efforts maximizes your chances for success.

2. Connect with other parents. Remember that there are many other families like yours. You can learn from their experiences and support each other. You can also be a more powerful advocate for your children when you unite your efforts.

3. Understand acceleration and enrichment. Acceleration and enrichment are different educational approaches that work well together. Enrichment refers to making the curriculum more challenging, while acceleration means skipping a grade or otherwise moving faster through the educational system. Be open to trying both.

4. Volunteer your services. Many schools have limited resources. Show your appreciation by contributing your time or donating supplies. You’ll be enhancing relationships that are important for your child’s education.

5. Promote friendships. While you’re teaching your child to treat each individual with respect and kindness, it’s also a good idea to introduce them to peers who they can identify with. Be willing to drive across town each week if they want to join a chess club and hang out at a diner afterwards.

As a parent, you know your gifted child is a blessing who also requires a lot of work on your part. Plan ahead so you’re prepared to give them the love, encouragement, and support they need to flourish. You can create more loving, more fulfilling and more connected relationships with your children.

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